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Conscious Conception Circle - Connecting to your Womb

This month we will be carving out space to connect with our wombs.

Our womb space is often neglected...not necessarily on purpose, but because most of us have never been encouraged to connect with that part of our body. We will explore different ways to connect with this area of our body and the importance of doing so. 

Are you thinking about getting pregnant in a year? Currently trying to conceive? Taking a break from trying to conceive? Not sure if you're ready for a baby, but you feel a spirit baby close by? Do you already have children, but would like to invite another child into your family? Have you experienced a loss and are scared of trying again? Did you know you can bond with your baby before you even conceive? 
The Conscious Conception Circle is a monthly gathering at my home.  The Circles are free and open to anyone who would like to explore more.  Please RSVP as space is limited.