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I Need Space: Tending to our Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Bodies

  • Future Generations 3355 Fourth Avenue San Diego, CA, 92103 United States (map)

What is your physical body communicating to you?

What is your emotional body asking of you?

What is your spiritual body showing you?

What is your body as a whole telling you?

Maybe you have the answers to these questions and are looking to deepen this connection or maybe this resonates with you, but you aren’t sure where to start. We get it.

We practice the art of holding space in our professional lives, in our personal lives and in our friendship every single day. Sometimes beautifully and sometimes not as beautifully as we would like to.

So we are bringing our gifts together for this in-person workshop all around our deepest and realest needs for more space! Because tending to our physical, spiritual and emotional bodies is one of the greatest ways to support and empower ourselves as women.

A note from Sandra:

I’m beyond excited about this collaboration with dear friend & colleague Kiersten Markham! Kiersten’s ability to hold space in the physical body and to teach you how to hold that space for yourself physically is incredible! I’ve experienced this gift of hers so many times now and I’m thankful each time I do. It’s the work of reconnecting to our physical bodies which we so often disconnect from. And that is such an amazing gateway to the emotional and spiritual. What a beautiful gift to build that connection and relationship with our bodies.

A note from Kiersten:

Sandra has a beautiful ability to deeply listen. She eloquently reflects in you what you already intuitively know. Often times we do know deep in our hearts what we need emotionally, physically, spiritually, but when someone like Sandra repeats it back to you it’s powerful. She is wonderful at asking questions and holding space in conversation. I am continually learning from her, personally and professionally simply by watching her model what holding space looks and sounds like.   

This workshop is for you if you’re:

-Looking for more support in your journey and craving a little inspiration.

-Needing more physical, emotional and spiritual space to stretch and grow.

-Wanting to reconnect to yourself and some tools to cultivate this practice on your own.

-Ready to hold more space for yourself and take on this deeper work because you know you deserve it.

-Would like more tools for discovering how to hold space for yourself and others

What you’ll take away:

-Some tools to hold space and connect to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs, as well as the feeling of what it is do and KNOW this work.

-A better sense of self and deeper connection to one’s self. And maybe a little extra self love too!

-Some feelings of lightness, love and clarity and an inner knowing of where you have been and where you’d like to be. Yep, that’s right! We want this work to support you now and going forward.


This workshop will be capped at 8 beautiful souls.  Exchange is $40

There are 2 scholarship spaces available for those women who need it. Email us directly at or