Womb & Birth Story Sessions


"Kiersten is truly a healer. As our doula, she brought warmth, knowledge, and experience to our prenatal meetings. During my 36 hour labor, she brought comfort, encouragement, and constant support. When my newborn wouldn't latch to nurse, she used her Craniosacral and birth psychology trainings to help my baby and me work through our birth story and the next day my daughter latched and never looked back. Kiersten's calming energy, nurturing touch, and expansive knowledge are a gift to any family. My family and I are so thankful to Kiersten - she's the best! - and we recommend her to everyone wholeheartedly. Thank you, Kiersten" - Sarah & Flavio, parents to Elias & Olivia

Our early experiences are some of the most profound. Did you know that babies can remember birth? There's tons of information and studies about children recalling memories from the womb...and even prior to conception. Babies are conscious, sentient beings who have a story to tell they just can't communicate like we can. In these sessions, my role is to facilitate a setting where babies and children can communicate their early experiences through movement, play, and hands-on support. 

These sessions are extremely healing for families, which is why I encourage all members be present for session work. 

For Families who:

- Would like to heal an early imprints 

- Would like to integrate the birth experience 

- Would like to better understand what their baby/child needs

- Would like to connect more deeply with one another

- Would like to clear any trauma and/or pain

What these sessions can help with:

- Sleep

- Attachment

- Breastfeeding issues

- Colic/fussiness

- Separation Anxiety

- Sensitivity to touch

- Babies/Children who have a difficult time with transitions (leaving the house, getting dressed, etc.)

- Post procedure or surgery (i.e. Tongue tie revisions, circumcision, NICU stay)


* I offer in-home sessions for babies under 3 weeks old. If your baby is under 3 weeks old please email KierstenMarkham@gmail.com for scheduling.