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The Online Conscious Conception Circle is a time for women to come together to explore the more emotional and spiritual aspects of conceiving. Whether you are new to the idea of starting a family, or have been trying to conceive for some time, you will benefit from the connection with other women who are going through similar thoughts and experiences.

I will be holding this intimate circle for up to six women once a week for three weeks..

This is for women who are...

- Wishing to grow their family at some point

- Considering getting pregnant

- Currently trying to conceive

- Taking a break from trying to conceive

- Already have children, but would like to invite another child in

- Have experienced loss

- Experienced primary or secondary infertility

- Using alternative methods like IVF or IUI

What You'll need:

- A computer with a video camera and to download Zoom (a free online software), so you can video call into the circles. 

- A quiet and comfortable space

- A pen and paper




Our womb space is often neglected...not necessarily on purpose, but because most of us have never been encouraged to connect with that part of our body.

We’ll explore…

  • Ways to connect to our womb

  • Ways to heal our womb

  • Questions for our womb

Week II:



In week two we’re going back to our very first relationship, our relationship with our mother. This can be a charged topic, but one that is important to bring awareness to when journeying on your own path to motherhood.

We’ll explore…

  • Why we chose our mother

  • The emotional environment we developed in

  • How we’ve been impacted by previous generations

  • How we’d like to do things similarly or differently

Week III: 




I want you to get the most out of this series which is why I’ve left the last week open ended. I will tailor this last circle to be specific to the questions and desires of the group of women who sign up so you get exactly what you need.

What you receive in exchange for $79

- A live weekly Zoom call for an intimate group of 6 women. No recording will be sent as we are sharing and holding space for one another in real time. 

- The opportunity to connect with other women who are pre-conception or already on their conception journey

- Guided visuals, journaling prompts, and open conversation 

- Support & guidance throughout