Conscious Women Circles


monthly circle - Donation based

When women come together in circle it is powerful. The Conscious Women Circles are a time for women of all ages and stages to come together to connect and share in the commonality of womanhood. I hold space and create an experience for you to discover deeper ways of connecting to your body, cultivate a stronger relationship with your intuition, and to re-charge each month.

These circles are intimate with space for 5 women (age 16+). Please continue below to RSVP.

Topics include:

  • Connecting to your body and cycle

  • How your own conception, womb time & birth experience influences your life and who you are today

  • Reconnecting to your wholeness

  • Healing after loss

  • Spirit babies and soul communication

  • The mother relationship

  • Sexuality

  • Birth control

  • Conscious conception