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The Conscious Conception for Couples Series is a three-part online series that is designed to prepare you and your partner for the journey of growing your family by bringing awareness to your own story, your bond with your partner & entering into a relationship with your future child. We will kick things off on Sunday, August 19th with a live Zoom call (this will be the only live portion). You and your partner will receive weekly emails from me with files, recordings, & homework that you can do together on your own time.

This series can be taken at any point in your journey. Growing a family is a big decision and it is my hope that couples who would like to have children begin this work as early as possible. This series will offer more support for your journey to becoming parents, whether it's for the first or fourth time, and facilitate a space to grow a deeper connection with your partner.

This is for couples who are...

- Wishing to grow their family at some point

- Considering getting pregnant

- Currently trying to conceive

- Taking a break from trying to conceive

- Already have children, but would like to invite another child in

- Same sex couples 

- Have experienced a loss

- Experienced primary or secondary infertility

- Using alternative methods like IVF, IUI, or Surrogacy

What to expect:

- Exploration of what Conscious Conception is and how to implement it into your conception journey from the comfort of your own home

- Discovering a deeper connection to your story and to your partner and how that influences conception

- Partner exercises & prompts 

- Weekly emails  

- Recorded guided visualizaitons

- Guidance and support through the entire series

Part 1: Connecting to yOur story

AUGUST 19    LIVE- 5:00-6:00pm

“The intention with which a human being is conceived defines the entire experience.”

We will be diving into what Conscious Conception is, why it matters, how our early experiences create life long patterns, and transgenerational influences. 

Part II: Connecting to yOur Partner 


You & your partner will receive an email with files and a recording

"Partner’s are responsible for one another’s care."

During this session you will spend time connecting to your partner through verbal & somatic exercises. This session will be the beginning of a larger conversation and practice that you can continue together through your entire parenting journey. 

Part III: Connecting to yOur Future Child


You & your partner will receive an email with files and a recording    


"We have the opportunity to enter into an amazing relationship with our children prior to conception and one way of doing this is shifting from a self-focused orientation, How soon can we have a baby? to a baby-focused orientation, I wonder when a baby will need us as parents?"

This last session is about finding ways you can connect to your future child. We are flipping the lens by seeing things from a baby's point of view, instead of a self-focused view. Parenting begins prior to conception and this is your starting point. 

What you receive in exchange for $99

- One Live webinar to kick off the series

- Two recorded segments to move through with your partner on your own time

  • Guided visualizations

  • Verbal and Somatic exerices

  • Prompts for a deeper dialogue with your partner

- Content delivered straight to your inbox each week for 12 weeks

  • Additional resources

  • Writing prompts

  • Conversation starters

  • Individual & partner practices

- Guidance and support throughout the series