Happy International Babywearing Week!

My first real experience with babywearing was through my travels to Uganda and Thailand. Everyone was wearing their baby...even on the back of a motorcycle!The woman who lived next to us in Thailand was always wearing her granddaughter while she cleaned and cooked. To me, it seemed so natural that women would carry their babies close to them. When I became a postpartum doula I was so excited to get my first Moby wrap. I loved how convenient it was to get stuff done around families homes while the baby slept all nestled up. When I gave birth to Brixton the only way he would nap (for a very long time) was if he was if he was in some type of wrap or carrier. It was also the only way I could get a work out in. Wearing my baby carrier became a part of my daily wardrobe and often times I would leave it on all day.

I'm really excited to share in my love of babywearing with a babywearing walk with Sakura Bloom this Thursday at 10am. I hope you can make it!