My Top 5 Parenting Books

It's overwhelming sifting through the countless parenting books out there. Some are great, some not so much. I want to share with you the top 5 books (in no particular order) that have helped me through my parenting journey so far. My hope is that these recommendations will give you a starting point. While you may not adopt everything a certain parenting method recommends, finding a method you resonate with will give you guidance and a foundation to build your parenting style on. Creating positive change in our world begins with how we birth and raise our children. This is an excellent read whether you're pre-conception or having been parenting for years. I believe everyone should read this book. "The win-win is that a child wired in this vibrantly healthy way is a joy to parent, and as an adult has the heart to embrace and exemplify peace, the mind to innovate solutions to social and ecological challenges, and the will to enact them."

What you'll get out of this book:

  • How to cultivate a fertile mind and body
  • The father's role for a peaceful future
  • How to raise empathetic children
  •  Neuroscience and why self-regulation is important

I've recommended this book more than any other book. It can't be shared enough. Spirit Babies is an incredible book for those who are pre-conception, have suffered a loss, or simply want to connect more deeply to the soul of their little one.

What you'll get from this book:

  • How to connect to your baby pre-conception
  • How to create an environment that is nurturing and welcoming to this new soul
  • Why miscarriages can happen
  • Meditations for conceiving and connecting

The Whole Brain Child was recommended to me by a complete stranger in a coffee shop when I was 7 months pregnant. She had two girls and there was just something about her that made me take her advice to read this book. I listened to it on Audible when Brixton was born and now that we're entering toddlerhood it's a book I really want to dive back into.

What you'll get out of this book:

  • Learn the science behind the mind of the child
  • Better understand your child's behavior
  • Discover ways to take the everyday tantrum and turn it into a way to support the developing brain of your child

 Before Brixton was born I didn't really consider parenting methods. When he was around 9 months old I discovered RIE and we started weekly parenting classes. At this same time I read Your Self-Confident Baby by RIE founder, Magda Gerber.

What you'll get out of this book:

  • Learn when to intervene and when not to
  • How to involve your child during caregiving times (diapering, bathing, feeding)
  • Trust in the competence of your child
  • Creating a space for your child to enjoy interrupted play

I've been a huge Brene Brown fan for 3 years and every time I hear her speak something resonates with me in a whole new way. In The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting Brene applies her years of research on vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame to parenting.

What you'll get from this audiobook:

  • 10 guideposts to creating a wholehearted family
  • Engaging in creativity and play as a family
  • Practicing gratitude and joy in the home
  • Why setting boundaries and holding them is so important