MINDSET: Taking Back Sunday

Sunday mornings have always been one of my favorite times of the week. Before giving birth I had a ritual of going for a run or yoga class with friends, usually followed by the farmer's market or brunch. Sunday mornings felt so long and leisurely; they would stretch into a day of relaxation and act as my reset button before the week would begin again. "OOOO, OOOO, OOOOOOO, eeeeeee!!" A tiny palm to the face, a tug on my hair, and BAM! 6:30am, I'm awake.

With a 10 month old Sunday mornings are just like any other morning, only now they have become a day of overwhelm, instead of relaxation. I panic a little on Sundays. I have one day to cram in everything I need to do for the week. There's a lot of huffing and puffing, running around like a mad woman, and lists...lots of lists. This panicked energy has released itself into my home and my family. A couple weeks ago my husband told me frankly, "You're ruining Sundays." And you know what, he's completely right. I am totally ruining Sundays, for me and for everyone else.

This Sunday started almost like every other Sunday. We are currently renovating our kitchen and my husband has to travel for work this week. The overwhelm started to creep up on me. But this Sunday I made the decision to I ignore the  panic and took on the day one moment at a time. We simply made breakfast, I showered (something I'm trying to incorporate into my week more frequently) and I went to Trader Joe's....by myself. That 10 minute drive felt like a spa day. I rolled down the windows and blasted Alicia Key's new album. I took a few deep breaths and then strolled around TJ's like I had all the time in the world.

As moms it's rare to have large chunks of time to ourselves. When we do get those chunks of time they are very sporadic. What I've come to realize as a new mom is that the love for your child makes it quite easy to be a mom, but what makes it difficult is the relentlessness. You're never off the clock.

On the way home from Trader Joe's I made the decision to stop focusing my energy on losing my slow paced Sundays and to shift my mindset to a more positive space. Today I had a total of 20 minutes to listen to a kick ass new album and enjoy the fresh air without a crying baby in the backseat. I may not have 4 hours consecutively to myself, or often even 1 hour, but what matters is what I do with the little moments that I DO get. The small moments hold us over until the larger chunks of time come around. Tiny moments (called power-ups, which I talk about in a previous blogpost) can be collected easily if you make it a point to shift your perspective. Listening to a new album or podcast might be your reset button. It may be a 15 minute shower, or buying your favorite iced latte from the cafe down the street. Maybe it's sitting in the sun for 5 minutes, taking time to stretch in the morning, or buying something new for yourself just because. Whatever it is, you have the power to create those moments. I encourage you to relish in these times because they will keep you going.

Want to get started on your small moment? Get down to this new album.